Summer 2017

  • Participation in Flashpoint 8 @ Georgia Tech
    • CWB2 partnership
  • Early preparation meetings and planning for 2018 Haiti trip
    • Prepared summary presentations of 2017 trip
  • Consulting for smart basement renovation

Spring 2017

  • Mission trip #4 to Fond Parisien, Haiti
    • Chicken coop design, construction (3x) and partial delivery to south easttern Haiti
    • Strategic planning for greater 2018 impact
  • Stealth startup partnership

Winter 2016-17

  • Consulting for consumer home emergency power backup project
  • Honored in category of 'Inventor' at Ben Hill United Methodist Church for Black History Program
  • Partnered with team for ARPA-E Concept Paper development (AR-311-09.16)
    • Contributed strategic planning and aquatic drone specifications

Fall 2016

  • Lighting accent project prototype
  • Hardware acquisition
    • Recreation device actuators (initial operational verification), updated microcontrollers
  • Website updates

Summer 2016

  • Smart faucet prototype testing
    • Hardware acquisition, circuit design, coding, power generator modification
  • Children's recreational safety device
    • Hardware acquisition
  • Atlanta Back 2 Business conference

Spring 2016

  • Mission trip #3 to Fond Parisien, Haiti
    • Chicken coop design, construction and delivery to Thomar, Haiti
    • Donation of Arduino hardware electronics kits to start programming and entrepreneurial interests
  • Mockup design and layout for human traffic project

Winter 2015-16

  • Website updates (PHP, code base)
  • Planning, coordination and construction of MLK, Jr Day service project at Therrell High School
    • Four garden boxes with dividers for 9th-12th grades; rain barrel w/faucet & stand
  • Consulting for property security hardware revision and installation

Fall 2015

  • Consulting for food preparation device patent
  • 'Observer' for ATL Thinks! Hackathon (Dec 11-15)
    • Innovation For The Air Transportation + Logistics Industry sponsored By Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Benchmarking and reverse engineering for products related to 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Informal testing and feedback for 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Initiated City of Atlanta Vendor ID process ... (NOTE: Try IE if any of their links do not seem to work for your regular browser!)
  • Printed 3 QR tags on shirts (front, back, sleeve) for dynamic web content direction
    • Custom work adjusted and completed within 48hrs by Big Frog of Fayetteville
    • Initial trial at Morehouse Homecoming 2015 (updated content LIVE)
    • Subsequent trial(s) (ATL Hawks games (NBA), ATL Falcons game (TBD), New Years Eve)

Summer 2015

  • Developed and implemented base QR code marketing foundation from Swahili language
  • Consulting for emergency fall safety system
  • Research for child entertainment safety project
  • Mission trip #2 to Fond Parisien, Haiti
    • Planning for future projects (solar panels, microcontroller course)
  • Consulting for beauty and health device
  • Consulting for winter weather innovations
  • General administrative updates

Spring 2015

  • Served as mentor for 2 teams in Lean Start Up Workshop @ Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC)
  • Keynote address at AABE Atlanta Chapter Scholarship Banquet
  • Social media project research
  • Various transportation projects research and development

Winter 2014-15

  • Expanded new project ideas into template summary documents
  • Consulting for public health project
    • Acquired supplies for public health project prototype
  • Fully portable 'generalized feedback' platform
    • Interactive mobile app developed and tested (Android)
    • Defined and fabricated compact breadboard version
    • Repackaged in 'black box'
  • Acquired general use project camera and lens
  • Participated in Platform Summit 2014

Fall 2014

  • Consulting for public health project
    • Preliminary research and conceptual designs
  • Updated one page promotional document for 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Patent work on 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Continued development of financial services partnership
    • Web development (redesign; in-house and outsourced)
  • Participated in the City of Atlanta's Back 2 Business conference
  • Document and research new ideas (internal)

Summer 2014

  • Website upgrades (PHP, Wiki)
    • New development work in CakePHP (new website coming??)
  • Consulting for driver safety & security concept
  • Consulting for outdoor maintenance helper device
  • Continued portability development on 'generalized feedback' platform
    • Independent, portable power (via LiPo & NiMH batteries)
    • Wireless communication via Bluetooth
    • Removed hard-coded serial port (added user serial port selection for universal machine use)
  • Consulting for development of children's figurine
  • Initiation of White Paper project to summarize technology behind several concepts
  • Consulting for education marketplace resource
  • Mission trip to Fond Parisien, Haiti
  • Consulting for STEM education development
  • Continued development of financial services partnership
    • Completed NDAs and service contracts to outsource web development for beta stage
  • Consulting for driver efficiency tool
  • Consulting for consumer marketing and efficiency tool

Spring 2014

  • Consulting with Dr. Andre Taylor's Yale University research lab for nanotech manufacturing process
  • Consulting for surgical accessory
  • Consulting for automotive emergency safety device
  • Partnership formed for financial services company
    • Infrastructure development, web development and automation for alpha tesing
  • Acquired various bluetooth, NFC and wireless devices for general development

Winter 2013-14

  • Created new GUI & mouse-based demonstration mode for 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Added bandsaw to workshop tools
  • Consulting for lost & found concept
  • Invited to participate in DoE sponsored Advanced Manufacturing Tech Transfer charrette
  • Acquired related benchmark for privacy hat
  • Invited to participate in Georgia Tech's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP 2.0) Regional Meeting
  • Consulting for transportation emergency safety product

Fall 2013

  • Added demonstration-mode joystick input to 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Debugged and tested demonstration-mode inputs to 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Consulting for dental hygiene product
  • Created privacy hat project test module (needs proof of concept testing)
  • Accepted position to work as CTO for another stealth-mode startup (early 2014 rollout scheduled)
  • Initiated contact to discuss new technology for 2017 Atlanta Falcons stadium
  • Added drill press and solar charger/power source to workshop tools
  • Created cross-platform GUI for demonstration of 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Debugged cross-platform GUI for 'generalized feedback' platform

Summer 2013

  • SBIR proposal work
  • Provisional patent work
  • Created video channels (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Testing of "smart recreation sports" product
    • Data collection and processing
  • Initial development of 1st Android app (mobile)
  • Added more feedback functionality to 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Added demonstration-mode button inputs to 'generalized feedback' platform

Spring 2013

  • Three additional sets of custom shelving rod inserts requested (Mar13)
  • Website updates
  • Completed working prototype of 'generalized feedback' platform
    • Testing and further feature development
  • Created base Arduino sensor platform and scope GUI (Processing) to be used for general product development
  • Created initial 3-axis accelerometer GUI, circuit & code for "smart recreational sports" product
  • Created Arduino-based portable scope w/1.8" TFT screen shield (analog inputs, one-wire sensors)
    • This can be used with "smart recreational sports" product or for general development scope
  • Business plan development for weapon safety/security system
  • Created new QR codes for Rev#1 business cards
  • Created & tested privacy hat prototype
    • developed code with customizable output profiles
  • Created general purpose 5-way input device
    • for security use / input, disabled input, or entertainment input
    • provides binary direction information
    • Added basic circuit for visual (LED) feedback

Winter 2012-13

  • Team assembly and proposal development for SBIR/STTR proposals (13.1,13.A)
  • Team assembly for funded remote location concept development program
  • Consulting for 'socialized mobile app' project
  • Prototype development of 'generalized feedback' platform
  • Consulting for 'extended functionality packaging' project
  • Prototype completed for "Smart sports clock"
  • Hardware acquired for "smart recreational sports" product
  • Consulting for medical device product
  • Consulting for "weapon safety/security" project
  • Consulting for general hygiene product
  • Consulting for "innovative packaging" product
  • Custom shelving rod inserts (installed successfully Feb13)
  • Website updates (calendar, sitemap, admin features, etc)

Fall 2012

  • A 'clean' office established was established for electronic work (soldering, wiring, board work, etc), low-debris prototype (fine-tuning, precision: wood, metal, plastic) and general office development
  • A 'dirty' work shop was established for high-debris hardware development (gross-shaping and fine-tuning: wood, metal, plastic)
  • New infrastructure (website, email, domain, etc) developments and updates
  • Assessment and development of internal project list initiatives
  • Consulting for medical device project (1)
  • Audio capabilities added to 'general education' prototype development
  • Completion of 'sports clock' prototype

Winter 2011-12 (*)

  • Consulting for health & beauty project

Fall 2011 (*)

  • Several hardware & software revisions and working versions of identification project prototype

Fall 2008 - 2010

  • Several hardware prototype versions of 'track suit' project
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